Amazon FBA Product LAUNCH! How To Rank #1 On Amazon With ZERO Reviews (No More Giveaways!?) 1 year ago

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Amazon FBA Product Launch with ZERO reviews?! How to rank on Amazon FBA & execute a profitable Amazon product launch strategy is getting more difficult in 2019. First Amazon removed our ability to easily get reviews when launching our products. And now giveaways don’t work?!

I’m going to walk you step by step through an Amazon Product Launch case study. We will also discuss using giveaways to rank on Amazon and whether they work in 2019. This is an Amazon product launch strategy you can use with ZERO reviews provided you have done the correct preparation to launch on Amazon correctly. I will show you how.

*NOTE* It is always easier to launch WITH reviews than without. I am NOT recommending this approach for all products. However, reviews are getting harder and harder to come by. I want to show that yes, it is possible to start with 0 reviews and succeed if you approach it correctly.

With this knowledge, how to launch a product on Amazon and master Amazon ranking is made easier. Your Amazon FBA launch can be done with Amazon PPC & no reviews.

I go into a lot of detail on Amazon FBA fundamentals that will be valid and relevant in 2,3,5 years from now – so pay close attention.

By the end of this Amazon product launch video you will learn:

✅ Is It Possible To Launch On Amazon Without Reviews? 1:57
✅ Can You Start Amazon PPC With No Reviews 2:40
✅ Questions To Ask Before Researching Amazon Product Launch Strategies 4:00
✅ Amazon FBA Tutorial: How To Rank On Amazon 6:50
✅ Executing A Successful Amazon Product Launch Without Reviews 14:30
✅ How To Launch On Amazon Using Pricing Control 20:37
✅ Longterm Amazon Product Launch Strategy & Losing Money Initially 22:35
✅ Amazon Product Launch With ZERO Reviews Case Study 24:09
✅ Amazon Product Launch Giveaways – Do They Still Work? 32:26
✅ Amazon Product Giveaways – The Two Parts 33:40
✅ Troubleshooting Amazon Product Launch Giveaways 36:58

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